Workout w Ronnie



It has been my pleasure, for the past 1-1⁄2 years to have Mark as my personal trainer. At the age of 50, I found myself in need of a way to keep my body in condition so that I could continue with my very strenuous work as a gardener/landscaper. With trepidation I started training with Super Slow. I have found it to be measurably successful and rewarding.

Additionally, my 17 -year-old son has been working out with me as a partner for the last year. He has mental disabilities that require special considerations, and Mark has been very kind, empathetic and considerate of his special needs. My young son enthusiastically comes to the training and does his very best to fully participate in the work sessions. This is not the norm for him, and it is a joy for me to see him take such interest. Mark’s healthy attitude and guidance has been responsible for this.

-Maureen Klecker


Check in with Mark Nelson, personal trainer, for a 30 minute Super Slow HIT workout you won’t soon forget!

-Joe M.


I began working with Mark Nelson about three months ago, training at a high intensity at a super slow pace. As a previous competitive bodybuilder, I have always felt the need to train 5-6 x week, training every body part twice a week. This has worked well over the years, allowing me to develop muscle mass, yet I still felt I needed additional hours of exercise to include cardiovascular training that site.

As the years passed, I now have a career that is demanding and I work 40+ hours a week. When I met Mark, he explained the philosophy behind his training, and how I could achieve the same results with less time commitment in the gym. Being the ever skeptical “gym-rat”, I had my doubts that this was possible.

However, I decided to give it a try and commit to a series of session with Mark. I must admit that it was difficult to stay away from the gym for the rest of the week, but I believed in Mark. He provided research data and information to support his training and was always open to my questions. As a trainer, he has been dedicated to my development. During my sessions, he has been 100% aware of every repetition and exercise. He has always changed the routine to include new exercises, and kept detailed records to document the increases in strength. I have seen that I am continually increasing in my weights, and have more overall stamina.

I have seen my body change over the past three months. Although I started with good muscular development, I know that my quads show more definition and are more toned than ever. My abdominal region has changed, with the core area being much more firm and the obliques are getting more defined every day. My shoulders and back have obviously changed, for my sports bras no longer cause that “bulge” of skin to pop over the edge.

I am ecstatic to be training in such a fashion. I have more time to myself and no longer drive myself crazy if I can’t get to the gym every day. I have seen many trainers over the years in fitness, and know that Mark is by far, one of the best. He is focused, energetic and passionate about his career. If anyone feels that they just can’t get to the gym enough, they should talk to Mark and try out his training.

-Mary Trumpi, D.C.